This Diwali…

Hi, how have you been guys?
We know we have been missing on a lot of your posts , but we are back yet again to share our lives with you…

We thought, and thought a lot about what could possibly be the best thing to bring to you guys after so long, and having Diwali at hand calls for a bigtime post.
And since a lot of you have been asking about the Diwali styling & makeup, we totally are excited to bring you a very unique styling for this Diwali, simple yet glam just by pairing a piece of jewellery differently…so are you excited?

I believe fashion is something that is quirky, substantial, your own, challenging, and something that makes you feel the best about yourself. This is a post which is different, let me know if you want us to do more such quirky styles….

This one is centred around the Diwali look, hope you like it…
Styling has emerged with time traditional to more casual, comfort is the key point. Now is a time, where we are at the disposal to wear and be a lot of fusion, today is the time where we do not have  a pure white or a pure black personality, we are all hybrids of good and bad, evil and truth, positive and negative, white and black , we can be basically everything and anything, even the greys….this gave me the idea of fusing ethnic with western wear (that I usually end up buying a lot),I thought why not create a semi-ethnic look this festive season.
So let’s check out these :


1) Here I have paired a pair of Liver brown Plazzo by Sassafaras, and paired with a Floral semi-padded top by BIG C (which is a super budget friendly and a trendy store), both in Sarojini Nagar market and Lajpat Nagar. To top it up I used a Denim Shirt, which I got from the Sarojini’s Street market and this beautiful Nathni which accentuates and transforms the entire look to the ethnic side.




I have managed to keep the makeup really subtle with lots of blushes, black kohl and a very nude pink lipstick. I think its great if you’re a lipstick conscious girl.

2) In this look , Puja is wearing a slit kurta by Aurelia, which has been teamed with a crop black spaghetti by Forever21 and an ethnic trouser by Aurelia again. You can totally see how contemporary the outfit totally is, so just to add the touch we have used a Maang tika and a Bindi, you can see for yourself how the fusion looks…


Let me know your views on this look…



3)  Here I have paired up a long skirt which is super ethnic and I got this from a street haul again(and believe me its as beautiful as it looks in the picture) , with a crop beige top by Forever21 , you can see the top is really quite western but this looks very trendy when paired up together. I have paired the Nathni again, to add the drama I have used really blood red Lipstick with a red Bindi. Woah, wasn’t that simple?


4)  A casual kurti by W is paired with the set of Aurelia Straight fit trousers which are beautiful.  She has paired it up with a street neck-piece , a small nose pin and to top it up a bindi, gives you the whole authentic look, perfect for the festive season…


Let us definitely know how you loved the fusion outfits….

PHOTOGRAPHY  :   K² Photography

Preet Raien

The D.A.T.E team :   Suchana Naskar

Puja Samanta

If you like the Maangtika, or the Nathni or the Neckpiece, you can follow us on instagram – @thewinbae, @beatingheart1911  or check out for the availability on our IG- store – @thatdate94.

We shall wait to know your views on this! 🙂 

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