Hey guys! How is the weekend treating you ? Hope you are having loads of fun! It’s a Sunday morning and as usual I am with a cup of black coffee beside me, and writing this blog. Word to word, heart to heart.

So before you head to read the blog, let me pen a few questions down for you. If you think the questions need an answer for you, then darling you have landed on the right page.
Do you like dressing up and end up having no choice, but to choose some from your old boring wardrobe? Are you confused while shopping and end up with multiple pieces in your hand unable to decide which one to buy? Do you want to carry the same outfit to different occasions or in different social groups, but you fear it will look repeated? Do you always end up shopping more than you require? Do you want to be the most stunning person, getting all the attention? Do you like it when people make a conscious effort to notice you? Are you sometimes confused while choosing a lip color that can go with the dress?

So hey, today’s blog is all about choosing the best piece for you , how and why?

1. For summers, Black in the day is a strict NO-NO, if you wanna be the queen, choose colors like lemon, or chrome yellow to sunny yellow, if you think these colors doesn’t flaunt your skin tone, go for beige or dull pink or aqua. These always the best color. Pair it up with wide bottom or dark skinny pants.


2. Just to top it up, keep the makeup totally simple, simple eyes to colored eye shadow and a bold lipstick, wear your favorite shades and you are ready to rock the show. Don’t forget a simple yet neat &managed hairstyle.


3. Very important, if you’re buying a dress , you would want to style it up differently. for different occasions, choose a dress that goes perfectly for a night date, in colors like wine or black or navy blue or olive green. For a date night you can pair it up with a a pair of heels and a good bold makeup. Because you can flaunt it all and it would never look too much done.



4. For wearing the same dress for a day out with friends, put on denim’s jacket, a pair of sneakers or pointed heels, you are good to go. To style the same dress as a beach wear, use a lite toned baggy shirt and tie both the corners of the  shirt as a knot around your waist over the dress, wear slippers, a hat, sunglasses and a jute bag, you are going to look amazing. Oh, don’t forget a bold lipstick. Not a fan? Can go with bold eyes and nude lips too.


5. Don’t do over. Going with a full of patterned dress, or a pretty bold shade, do not a wear patterned or printed heels. Try to keep the color null. Carry an elite sophisticated bag. A no -no to junk jewelry around the neck, if you have a thick and a short neck. you don’t wanna highlight the area. Instead go for heavy earrings.

6. If you are a tall and a thin person, never wear linear stripes, makes you look a bit more tall and thus thinner.

7. If you are a short person and healthy do not go for baggy shorts, although if you have a heavy top but not heavy bottom, then shorts is the best way to flaunt it, that way you look slim.

8. If you are bottom heavy, like me, you want go for skater or A-line dresses over body -con, makes you look younger and beautiful. It gives you both the sexy and hot flair together.


9. Always select your dress according to the place you are going, the company you are with and also the mode of conveyance. Get ready by keeping all these factors in mind.

10. Rather than always carrying a backless or an off shoulder normally , wear a shear on the top, keeps people interested. gives you a sexy nag!

11. Carrying a good lingerie with a little complex or designer dresses/clothes is of utmost importance.

12. This is a hygiene tip for your closet. Just put a lot of napthalene balls to avoid the diffusion of used and unused clothes. And you always get good smelling clothes. yay.


TROUSERS :fabindia

Printed dress: FOREVER21

Lace Dress : FOREVER21


So I sign off today, see you next week with more such amazing tips and shoots. Keep following us and showing us love. that way it let’s us know you care.
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