Cosmetics haul + Dark Circles Remedies : PART 1…

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

Hello everyone. I have missed you a lot and missed writing.Sorry that I couldn’t write so soon. Today’s blog is divided into two sections,its high time that you all know that I am a super-duper online hog, and in the first section, I will quickly walk you through a few products that I got from a few online stores.. I’ll be including the online price incase some of you would like to know . 🙂
And I am super-excited about the second part, which is about a few possible treatments I have researched and selected and shortlisted for myself to try , in order to reduce the dark circles. Since my placement session is on, and I am already under a lot of stress and pressure, I have really developed dark circles, and my concealer is not helping anymore,and I never had an issue as such before. While I also feel I have crossed 20 and I was wondering if I should start using some anti-ageing products. Please give me suggestions/advises I’d love that , in the comments section below.
So yeah, I am including a few treatments that I have started using, if you have any such problem/issues you might wanna give a check to these, and everyone whose reading the post, please don’t forget to add your piece of advises and suggestions, or more such tips. That lets me know you care and it means a lot to me. Also I will keep you updated how these all treatments work for me, after a month. ❤
Keep reading…

1. I got a basic brush set by REAL TECHNIQUES by Sam & Nic and I am totally in love with it. I have used the brushes before clicking the pictures. So sorry about that. A 4 piece brush set. This is the original legitimate product, as you can figure out from the pictures and tags.( on the brush itself)
Seller : Amazon Prime  ;  Features : super-soft, very nicely handcrafted,  blends everything so well on the skin.
Contains : Buffing brush, Contour brush, Detail brush, Foundation blending brush.
Price : 2299/-  ; Amazon Price : 770/-
Packaging : Comes in a very strong plastic package and a nice leather pouch, as you can see from the pictures.( I totally love it). the type of brush is indicated on the back and brand print on the front on the metallic handle.

2. I got another brush set by Zafos Naked 3 by Urban Decay, a set of 12 pcs . Its very beautiful looking .
Seller : Amazon Prime ; Features : Super soft bristles, feels so soft on the skin, blends well, and professional brushes.
Contains : Buffing brush, Blush/bronzer brush, Foundation, Eye-shadow brush, Flat foundation brush, concealer around cheeks and eyes, Lip brush etc.
Price : 1999/- Online Price : 621/-
Packaging: Metallic handles, grey gold handles, and a nice metallic box.

3. I got an  eye shadow palette by Maybelline in the shade The Nudes. A set of beautiful 12 nudes and warm tones. Its an everyday go to palette.
Features : Powder based eyeshadow, blends well on the skin. Works really well for all skin tones. Seller :Amazon Prime  Price : 899/- Online Price : 789/-  Features : 4 matte tones and rest shimmer warm tones.

4. Next in the line is two Mac Lipsticks
[1] Mac matte collection : Mac frenzy A20  ; Features : Beautiful nude shade, good coverage, glides very easily and heavenly weightless on lips. Cream matte finish
[2] Mac Gambattista Valli collection : Instigator ; Features : Matte finish, good coverage. Not very pigmented. A light purple tone. Another day wear lipstick.

Quickly moving on to the next section in the part 2. Active on the blog already. Lots of love . ❤

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