Table for 3- you, Me & My bag…

Hello everyone!!. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Do you love bags? I totally love em. You can never have too many. Come on we are girls. We enjoy the little things like handbags, shoes and jewellery. Haha!

Alright so today I am gonna write about my recent two purchases. I recently got two bags one after another, which also almost gave me buyer’s remorse for one moment. But each one is extremely gorgeous. So I thought I will share with you guys.

  1. So the first one is a office bag kind of for closed. classy and formal events.

This bag is by NEW LOOK, the moment I saw it, I was totally in love with this one. Loved the colour combination light Gray with nude peach and a matte texture. Its a very beautiful bag. This is totally perfect for interviews to formal events. Can totally be paired with formals, semi-formals, dresses. The colour is fabulous and bag is extremely spacious with extremely gorgeous inner clasps and detailings.

It came with another small leather pouch inside which has a beautiful gold- lined deatailing. I ordered it from Myntra and got it for INR 2100 /- during the Maha-sale. Al though the actual price is INR 2309/-, and 22 euros as mentioned on the price tag.

2. Around the same time I also got another piece which is a huge tote bag. Perfect fit for a regular day to day use, yet very classy and super fit for girl’s day outs or morning dates.

It has completely matte finish, a dark toned gray with leather ribbons for enclosure. Best part is its super spacious, you can absolutely carry anything and everything.

This bag is by OLD TREE, almost an emerging brand and they have got an absolutely stunning collections. Anyone who is in Delhi and love shopping bags, should visit the store in  Sarojini Nagar. Rates are really good for the price you pay. I got it for INR 1000/-, which is really cheap for the quality they provide.

Best part is yet to come, they give you handmade really nice nice cloth dust bags which are available in beautiful colours, I visited the shop in the first place because I had heard they give you such nice dust bags and a warranty of 3 months from the date of purchase.

It’s all handmade and especially a very nice and flexible fabric, which is much needed for regular use bags, as I don’t like materials developing folds and edges after a few use. This material is almost bend proof which I really loved. Can be paired with simple t-shirts and denims or floral dresses or frocks or crop tops and jeggings, gives you that classy flair.

If you are on a shopping spree too, share with me in the comment section below. I’d love to hear. 🙂

Stay stylish. Drink lots of water. ❤

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