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“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” — Ralph Lauren

Hello everyone, from Fashion to health, everything is a part of you, makes you who you are. To day I have got a few lovely tips for everyone who likes  instant and easy alternatives. For those of you who already know about this, share with me more of your experiences in the comments. I’d love that, and rest of all I hope you’d enjoy.

1.  MAKEUP REMOVAL :  If you also are very lazy person like me about caring too much on spending on a makeup removal product, here’s some easy tips for you.

 [1] You can actually use baby wipes if your makeup is really simple or the hydrated ones( water based makeups and liners), it is specially designed for new born’s skin so is quite a lot soft and wont give you that rough , unmanageable and terrible drive on skin with redness.

[2]  Milk is obviously the best way to remove regular makeup, so good for all skin types. never really reacts with any sort of allergies or ailments. In case you have a really oily skin or on days of breakouts, just use milk as for removing makeup. It is so much better than any chemical product or oil or anything. Very useful for removing liquid liner and shadows and mascara and whatever else you are wearing on face.

how to do?  Just use cotton pads and dip and slightly squeeze out the extra milk. Use it to remove the areas where you have applied makeup.

In case, you are wearing too much water-resistant products on your face, might not help a lot.  Since I usually wear minimal makeup on a daily basis, it works really good for me.

[3] Coconut oil :  It is undoubtedly good for skin, a very good moisturiser, for all sorts of heavy-to-light oil based makeups and like on days I am wearing really a lot of water-proof products like water proof liner, water proof mascara, water-proof sunscreen which is super important in summers, to water-proof eye shadows, if some of you have experienced this, you know it is very tough to take off, So on those days coconut oil is the instant measure.

how to do? take a few drops and rub on your palms , apply all over on face and remove with cotton pads. Ta-da!! But do wash your face with a good facewash afterwards as the clogged pores can really cause a havoc on your already exhausted and skin after the days work and pollution ( clogs your pores, and you can have a breakout too, so a strict no no), in case you want to apply a little oil to moisturise your skin , do it after the wash , before going to bed.

Sometimes we are like really tired, and tend to go to bed with all the makeup on whether after a heavy day’s work or busy college days or after a party, but  still its better to take 5 minutes and remove the makeup properly before going to bed, to avoid breakouts. And it is a lot of time when you sleep and better the skin, the less the makeup stays.

2. HOME -MADE- MASK : Sometimes I am really stuck up with a lot that I almost forgot to follow the regular scrubbing and cleansing routines, especially during exams. And my skin does not feel glowing and is so not smooth and a little oily in spite of using the facewash and tanned too. I have although used a lot of masks, but the one I am going to share has proved to be the most effective on my skin and I have been using it now for a long time now. Takes a lot of oil out. People with oily skin, watch out!! ❤

Cucumber Mask 

What do u need?  Cucumber, Yogurt, Honey, Brown sugar, Orange(optional), Gram flour(Optional)

How to make it?    Use 1/2 cucumber, peel it.,

2 tbsp yogurt – it is known for its exfoliating properties and also smooth-ens the skin,

1 tbsp honey-  promotes new tissue growth and removes the tan,

 2 tbsp brown sugar (if you don’t have, use white sugar) , another good exfolian

2-3  slices of orange – Squeeze out, also do not use if you have have acne or any sort of bruise or cuts on your skin. Better to skip the step. very good tan removing properties.

Gram flour : use as  much is required, or not at all.  I use it make the paste a little thick so it really sets on my skin.

Now puree these all using a blender or a mixer jar, and apply on the face using a brush or finger tips . Keep for 15 -20 minutes till your skin gets dry and wash off with Luke-warm to warm water and then the last swipe with cold water. your skin will look shiny but dry, so apply a little moisturiser and massage thoroughly.


step 1 : apply shade
step 2 : pat with a brush
Step 3: Remove the toilet paper/tissue paper
step 4: apply loose powder using a brush
step 5: Brush the excess powder of slowly

[1] Apply the lipstick evenly using a brush.

[2] Use a toilet paper , press it against your lips and apply some loose powder using a brush from top of the paper and pull away the paper slowly.

[3] If it still haven’t mattified properly, using the brush ,brush some loose powder on your lips , take care while brushing-do it slowly and casually, putting too  much pressure might make the lipstick a little patchy. Slowly brush it out. And you get a perfectly mattified lipstick.

4. MENSTRUAL FLOW :  If you sometimes however get irregular or scanty flow, or change of colour of the flow towards a darker patch, or you are expecting the periods and periods are delayed for absolutely no reason, don’t worry sit down, have sesame seeds and Jaggery. People in India can find it easily and can have in forms of laddoos or whatever.

If you are getting lumps in your flow, that’s probably because your water intake is quite low. Drink lots of water, and during periods especially have luke-warm water with half a lemon, with/without honey first thing in the morning as you wake up , and on empty stomach. Completely detoxifies the body. I have it daily!

5. WANNA LOSE WEIGHT?   Drink luke-warm to hot-water 20 minutes after meals. Hot water as compared to cold or water at room temperature devoid of many essential minerals that could become very favourable to digestive tract while consuming a meal and breaks down the food easily. Its been a year I have been doing this and I have really been able to maintain my weight  without fluctuation. It detoxifies your body. You will tell the difference by yourself once you start.


Let me know if you have more such tips, share with me.

Lots of love. Stay stylish. Drink lots of water. ❤

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  1. lorigreer says:

    Great ideas especially the use of milk! I have very sensitive skin and have to be very careful. Thank you for a great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isabella Ray says:

      Hi lorigreer. I know I have a very sensitive skin too. And how difficult it is experimenting on the skin type. I feel great that I was able to help

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Isabella Ray says:

      Thank you very much!

      Liked by 1 person

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